Thursday, October 11


What was  your first CK ?

I can remember the first one I made, but finding a photo has proved a bit tricky, two computers since we started etc etc.

But here are some firsts from my wonderful customers

From Trudy, Asher's first nappy. 
Heaven Sent on White Windpro
It's a HoneyBoy! 
The perfect nappy for those skinny newborn legs.

This one from Helen, this is her little mans first stash of goodies

Helen's little girls first birthday stash.  Alyssa was 1 in July 2008 and 
these nappies are still in use in Helen's household.  That's over 4 years
a wee bit faded now, but still good to use. And yes that's the sublime Fairy Floss Minky

Who doesn't love to toot their partyhorn when you have a CK stash :)

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  1. Would love to see Tik and I remember the Munch Crunch fitted :)