Thursday, October 11

I'm not very good

At this Blogtober thing at the moment, just too much that I need to do, too much going on in my life/head and just too much really lol!

But we'll get there we always do, so I'm not going to stress about and I'll post when I have something that's remotely interesting ;)

I have a gorgeous friend - her name is Margo - she sews BEAUTIFUL goodies and I often get a wee parcel with something for K or W and sometimes even for me - and this is for me.

Shane was being silly and I rolled my eyes at him and hence the photo, which is actually not too bad and you know how much I loveeeeee having my photo taken.

Anyways if you'd love a gorgeous hat like this, or things for your wee cherubs, though Margo makes up to girls size 12 and some ladies wear as well - you can find her over at The Climbing Tree .  Tell her I sent you :)

And then because the week gone past has been less than stellar, and I was in the city for an appointment anyways and because I felt like it - I wandered over to the Farmers Markets at the top end of Queen Street and I got these

You can find them at Madderz by Design - these ones are Carrot Cake and Key Lime Pie Tart.  And they were delicious - the carrot one for Shane cause I don't much care for carrot cake.  I blame Tobias for making me want them - as he posted photos on his photography page and I'm a sucker for a pretty cake.


  1. There nothing quite like a good "rolled eyes" photo! Thanks for sharing <3 Margo

  2. So lovely to see a photo of you, Lesley. You're so like me, I hate having my photo taken too! Key lime pie tart - yummo! Now I want some toooooo!!