Saturday, December 29

Lazy Day Hat

William has desperately needed a new hat for awhile, but well things have been busy and he's been at
school so I didn't make it a priority, but I've had the fabric for quite awhile.  It's Marvel Comic Strip Characters which he just adores.

Though he did want to know why they weren't in colour.

It's an easy enough pattern to put together, so long as you take the curves slowly, though I really prefer to stitch and clip to get hats to go together the best, but I didn't do that this morning, and I've made it before for customers with no issues, but I don't love it to bits and pieces for William.  The crown is a bit big for his head shape but he needs that size to fit his head, it's a nice size.  And I think the brim is a bit too small for him as well.  So I'll keep searching for the perfect hat for him.

And he didn't want to smile at the camera today either.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great :) and I have a new hat pattern we can try out - the Mamu one!