Sunday, December 30

Project Bags

Noodlehead Open Zip Pouches in small size and large (though tweaked to make it deeper, plus a snapped strap to hang it over the arm of a chair)

And the Essential wristlet.  All whipped up in a morning, whilst a lovely visitor chatted to me.  Whisper Wings is the butterfly print and the other print, was a heavy weight decorating cotton.

I think they all look very swish!

They are destined for lots of knitting I think

1 comment:

  1. but of course they look swish - they're made by you :)

    I like the name 'Noodlehead'... might have to call whatever chook comes next to us, that :) and 'Muffin' - someone else's chook is called 'Muffin' and it cracks me up every time. Or as Quinn would say 'cracks my head up'...

    Lovely work as always, Lesley xo
    Best of the New Year to you