Saturday, February 23

Cherub's Kiss Surprise Parcels

Would you like one, or know someone who needs a pick me up or something to brighten their day?

Well keep reading .......

I sent out this week a surprise parcel to a gorgeous mama.  Some of you already know her story and some of you may not.  Yes she is a dear friend and has in recent times gone through things no mama should ever have to - you can read Kristie and Avery's story here at Hespera's Garden

So gorgeous fawn child is due soon and I knew that I needed to make a special set up for this babe as well.  So I sent off the set below.

It comprised off a size 1 Auriel, with fawn panel and machine embroidery.  Hand dyed by my friend Melinda french terry with a deer embroidery and a hand knit by me from the Tikki 'Milo' pattern and the wool was hand dyed from Susannah at Parrot Pants.  I'm not the most excellent knitter by a long shot, but it gave me pleasure to knit something for a wee bairn.  The wool was delightful to use and the set just all fell together.

As I was making this set and thinking about other wee bairns to land earthside shortly and thinking about all the mamas out there that have it hard at times, I thought that I would send some more surprise parcels.  It may not be tomorrow, or next week, but I'd like to send some joy to others as inspiration strikes, or I have something that just says this needs to go to ........  so to that end if you know someone who may need something now or in the future , please just leave a comment here. Please make sure that I can contact you down the track and if you can cover the cost of the postage, that would be wonderful.          Spread the love around I say.  Your recipient might receive a singlet, a nappy, a dress, a bag, it could be anything that I make.  Just something to say you are loved and cared for.
Blessings to all.


  1. What a beautiful thing to do. Love your Milo vest, your knitting skills look great to me :)

  2. I have a cloth mama friend who is expecting her second baby (a boy) in october and has found herself doing it alone since a few days after finding out she was pregnant. She's a lovely lady and I would love to send a ROAK her way :)