Sunday, March 3

William's Pjs

Well it's turned a might coolish at night and K really doesn't cope well with being cold at night, so dug out the thermal knit I got from Girl Charlee to make them up a pair each.

Turns out 2 yards isn't quite enough for a 9 1/2 year old boy, hence the black stella.  The thermal knit feels lovely and soft, but it's a bit of a pita to sew, very stretchy, but i think they'll be very comfortable to wear.

I make William the size large from the Kwik Sew Children's book with no alterations, the top is a wee bit too large, but I figure he'll grow.

And of course still playing with the new toy - the design didn't stitch our perfectly but he LOVES it - Lego Han Solo.  He was very excited.  Katherine is now waiting VERY impatiently for hers ....... stay tuned.

Oh and as usual we didn't want to smile, and it was still raining


  1. Lego Hans Solo is so cool. Of course he's pleased.