Saturday, March 23

Passionfruit Bah Humbug

That's right Bah Humbug to stupid passionfruit lol!!

We've had a passionfruit vine planted for 3 years, we've watered, we've fed and nada, nothing, no a single blossom, never mind any fruit.

And then what happens, the vine up and dies, well it looks dead to me, no leaves, brown and crinkly, we'll have to pull it up 

Looks dead right?

WRONG lol!!

Yup what's that clambering over our mandarin tree - a bloody passionfruit vine, with flowers galore, and buds and fruit - I mean seriously?  What the heck?  Has it taken over the mandarin and it's going to turn into a passionfruit or what?  Totally bamboozled, we can't see where it's coming from - the roots of it anywhere, so dumbfounded, so I guess we wait and see what happens from here .

And yes there are mandarins there for the first time - i don't think we'll get many, we've had a lot just drop off, but the tree does need some TLC I'll be the first to admit, our garden is very very neglected atm :(

And lemons, about a dozen or thereabout, nice and plump and juicy looking.

Limes have gone off like a frog in a sock, heaps of them, heaps of flowers, fruit, the works.  All pesticide and ickies free and they taste and smell divine.  I've shared alot around with friends and used a lot as well.  I like them fresh rather than juiced and frozen.  None have gone to waste.

And heaven knows who'll eat all of these, cause I don't really like chocolate that much and the hot cross bun hogs - aka Amy and Iain aren't here anymore, but I'm guessing Shane and William will give them a good go and I suppose I could freeze some, they never taste the same though then.

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  1. lol Lesley. We had two vines do the 'playing dead' thing and only one of them has come back. the other has definitely karked it.

    Lovely to hear the rest of the garden is going okay - even then I think a bit of neglect isn't a bad thing so much, you know? Make's em a bit tougher and able to survive when you're sick or just flat out and can't get out there...