Sunday, March 3

Katherine's Pjs

Are you done yet, are you done yet, are you done yet, all afternoon lol!! Needless to say they took longer than they should have, one let unpicked as I sewed it inside out, did I tell you this thermal knit is impossible to pick from right and wrong side, so I had two left legs.

Apparently I took 'FOR AGES' to finish, you made William's faster - yes cause William didn't know I was making them and didn't keep interrupting me lol!

Anyways - thermal knit again in 'heather' colourway, unicorn embroidery as she is obsessed with them thanks to Amy and Iain - and 'build a bear' unicorn - named Daisy.  Kwik Sew children's pattern, size small - I should have made the pants a wee bit longer, but I think she'll push them down to her hips and they'll be aokay.  I have a plum coloured version of them ready to cut out and I'll make them up next weekend, but I won't tell K until they are finished.

Oh and as you can see - she LOVES the camera unlike her brother .....

and yes the hair is nearly waist length - she's aiming for her knees ..... goodness help me.


  1. lol love the pestering encouragement to finish faster! :) Nice work, again, Lesley. I think the last time I sewed clothes for the kids was about 13yrs ago lol

    1. It's been awhile here too, I need to make more, they are both growing like weeds