Saturday, May 18

Farbenmix Izzy

So westerly winds in May?  Freezing cold ergo need winter clothes for everyone as children have grown out of theirs and well my wardrobe is pretty much non-existant, you know mums we just make do.

So anyways Farbenmix Izzy was the plan - I ditched the pockets, didn't really do anything for me and well they hold dirt and stuff and K doesn't use them.

I made the 122/128 which I thought might be a bit large when I traced, but over other clothes, it has room for this year and hopefully next.  I also lost the button closure, looked wrong and I did turned cuffs rather than stretch ones in ribbing, but i might add them next year if the sleeves are a bit short.

Lined with stash knit.  Remember to cut a right and wrong side of the asymetrical fronts (cause I didn't lol)

I used divine Malden Mills Velvet fleece for the outer and kept it simple, just using some sweet red riding hood embroideries - the one on the back is care of the gorgeous Sara who did some for me last year before I scored the embroidery machine and the ones of the front I did today.

It went together reasonably well with only a minor unpick as I forgot to leave seam allowance at the next edge on the lefthand side for the zip. I only had a mega long separating zipper in black (which lead to a few choice swear words when I pulled the zipper pull off, but Shane to the rescue with that)

And yes the glazed look would be a whole stick of fairy floss at the fair down the road, and the threat of no fireworks if she didn't comply with photos.

Needless to say I think we'll be using the coat when we trudge back over the hill to watch said fireworks tonight, the wind is wicked.

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