Sunday, May 5


As some of you know I've been taking part in this 'Make it Work Challenge'  - Shane thought it would extend me to enter every week lol!!  (I'm stoked to report I've won Week 1 and Week 2 )

Yes well it's done that for sure.

I had plans in my head for week 1, 2 and 4 and 6 - but 3 and 5 had proved a bit more of a challenge to me.

The plan hit for week 3 - I'll upcycle some of Shane's shirts into a hat, he has some that are past their use by date around the neckline, underarms etc, the fabric for the shirts themselves are more than usable and he has a few that I would like see relegated to the NOT to wear pile anymore.   So toddled off and purchased the Nicole M Fedora Hat pattern.  A friend and I had discussed the pattern many moons ago as I do so love me a good Fedora lol!!

So I set to work, thinking I can interface the heck out of the tshirt fabric and it 'should work' right?  Ummm not so much, I bought some heavy weight interfacing, but forgot to ask and wasn't provided with attaching instructions and you know how i have a love/hate relationship with my iron, well it was hate at first sight with this interfacing and it refused to play ball - I don't think it likes steam, so it was pretty well stuffed, no more at hand, a deadline looming, so bring out the trusty 505 basting spray and pellon and set to work.

Nicole's patterns are beyond AWESOME, well written, lots of markings on the pattern sheet, simply divine.  Lots of other designers really should take note, cause well alot of them leave alot to be desired and that's saying it nicely lol!!

So cutting up a Canne Film Festival Tshirt for the outer, and a Nipple Cripple Two for Twenty Two for the inner.  It pays to really read the pattern - cause oops forgot I needed bias - stash dive to something a bit funky - multi coloured flames it is.  I must admit to a bit of 'what the' when it came to joining the bias.  I do it all the time, but my head and hand would not engage at the same time, so it wasn't as neat as I wanted.

As I said the pattern went together really well - yes there was a teensy bit of unpicking and I mean teensy - less than 10 minutes I'd say which is pretty good for a hat, let me tell you, they are notoriously obtuse.

All in all I think it turned out fab.  Admittedly it was destined for Shane's head, but adding the pellon means it is now for William and I'm off to find some nice wool to make one for Shane.  Tshirting really isn't what you want to be using for a spunky Fedora, it doesn't hold it's shape, no matter how much you steam the sucker, but William is chuffed with it, despite appearances.

So anyways, if you've read this far and are inspired to make your own because of my post, you can also pop on over HERE and VOTE for me ;)

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