Sunday, May 5


Margo made this gorgeous Violetta, hand dyed from stella in a shibori pattern in what I'd call denim blue.

It's perfect.  Perfect size, perfect feel just perfect, I've worn it to death since she handed it over and I've ordered another one for Mum and Amy.

Please excuse the need for a haircut and that's what happens when you wash your hair before bed hair lol!!

And then cause my baby sister was down, we had to visit the gorgeous Curly Jo at Southbank and of course ice-cream and chocolate for the Scotts.

Small cherubs choice of the day Berry Delicious Sundae

Emily went with the Peppemint Chocolate and Liz the waffles, I made her get two, well cause I knew someone would want to share ......... Ben.

Ben with a frappe, not really an ice cream child.
Mine on the other hand LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ice cream as you can see.

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  1. It was so nice to see all the Cherubs & Cherish Gang