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FAQS - Customs and Semi-Customs.

FAQS - Customs and Semi-Customs.

Can I get a full Custom Order?
We are currently closed to full custom orders.

How does a Semi-Custom Work?
Semi-customs - are just that, a custom to the degree that you can choose the size, the type etc. But limited to fabrics that I have available in stock. I do not send out photos of all my fabrics as I have a remarkably large stash, which changes constantly. I do not tend to buy large quantities of any print fabric. I like making limited run of nappies. Some fabrics have only been purchased in fat quarters.
We will always try to meet your needs, however we do reserve the right to refuse to do a semi-custom that we think are not in keeping with the Cherub's Kiss ideals.

You are more than welcome to provide your own fabric, but again we reserve the right not to use it, should when it arrive be unsuitable. If you provide your own fabric it must be prewashed and ready to use. Please note that no variation in price will occur should you provide your own fabric.

Semi-customs take a lot longer to discuss and organise and therefore price may be slightly above prices quoted for standard nappies.

You can peruse the following sites to look for fabrics to choose in your semi-custom.
Fabrics on Photobucket
or my Facebook page

Please send us a link to the fabric of choice rather than rely on our memory to know what you are referring to.

Please note some older fabrics are no longer available. To that end please make a couple of choices in your selection. 

Whilst we do try to make your dreams come true in a semi-custom slot, it's not always possible.

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