Wednesday, October 2

FAQS - Stockings.

FAQS - Stockings. 

When do you stock?
Stockings can happen in various ways.

Randomly - no prior advertisements of stockings. Random is just that.

Set - Set stockings - a time is advertised either via my newsletter or blog.

How does a stocking work?
Make sure you are logged into Congo Cart. If you have purchased from ANY Congo Cart your log in is exactly the same. Have the item you are wishing to purchase on your screen and refresh as required, until the item says Buy Now.

Please note our cart is set to first to check out. This means that the nappy is not yours until you have paid for it and someone else can buy it even though you have it in you cart.

Should Congo Cart oversell, the item for sale, will go to the first order registered through the shopping cart. I am not always able to remake an item. I can if I choose, offer to make another item similar to that listed, but this is not guaranteed.

For facebook sales, they go to the first person that I can see that has commented.

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