Wednesday, November 6

FAQS - Cherub's Kiss Loyalty Program.

FAQS - Cherub's Kiss Loyalty Program

How does it work?
We (manually) keep track of your total orders, from July 1st, 2012, and when you have purchased $300 worth of our products (not counting postage) you get a 10% voucher for you to use. When you have purchased $600 you get another one, etc. You choose when you would like to use them. 

How do I register?
Registration is not necessary. Everyone that buys from us from July 1st is enrolled in the program.

Can I earn a 2nd voucher if I haven't used the first?
Yes you can, though you can only use 1 voucher on any order.

Do orders through Gossamer Dreams, other online stores or real life markets count?
The short answer is, probably. Collaborations with other businesses won't count, but most other purchases should.

Can this be used in conjunction with other specials, say a Nappy Hunt discount?
Nice try, but no, this discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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