Friday, November 1


We're continuing with our CK OTB Challenge for November.
(See the August post for the first CK OTB Challenge!)

This time the theme will be "Creatures of Habit."

As with the previous challenge, you are more than welcome to combine the challenges or post separately.

Photos are to be posted over on the Cherub's Kiss Facebook Page.

Please make sure that any photo posts have a comment mentioning the CK OTB challenge.

At the end of the month, photos added to Facebook will be moved from the timeline and into an album.

Photos will also be added to this blog on a weekly basis. 

This is just for a bit of FUN but please make sure that if you join the challenge that you're ok with any of the photos you submit, going public. That is, they may be viewed on this blog and on Facebook. They may also appear on Pinterest at a later date.

November 2013 - CK OTB Challenge:

1. Favourite CK (the one you always reach for)
2. Matching outfits & accessories
3. Sunday morning routine

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