Saturday, January 11


Long time no chatter on the crafting/cooking blog - ah well - you know life and that got in the way.

But I'm determine to sew and bake more again this year - last year was lets just say less than stellar.

Anyways I baked bagels off the Christmas break, they were good - these are better!!!!

Sarah bought me a Baguette Kit for Christmas from here

They did provide a recipe and it was this one from here  - I did tone down the salt to one teaspoon but otherwise followed the recipe.

It was easy to follow - it is quite a wet dough - so I used the oiled hands aka Paul Hollywood.

I didn't have to knead it for very long at all

I did over flour the cloche oops!

And I should have checked the length of the baguettes BEFORE rolling them to check they would fit on the tray and in the oven - FAIL they didn't, so they got cut in half.

The first and third batches from the oven were best, the second one was a bit too crunchy - no idea why though.  I did also put a pan of water in the oven - you need a super hot oven.

They were DELICIOUS!!!  the recipe made enough for 5 cherubs for lunch, they were goooood!!

Would I make them again HELL YES!!!  Though I would make them fatter and shorter and they would be delicious with really good melty camberbert, prawns and avocado, super thin slices of rare roast beef - well heck pretty much anything you want to put on them, they were THAT good.  I don't know if I can buy a fake baguette now from the store.

There is a fair bit of wait and see time, but very little manual labour involved.

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