Saturday, February 28

Hello Kitty

Well what can you say when a gorgeous 8 yo says 'Mummy can you make me some pjs?'

You say of course sweetie, now I've not bothered before this to make pjs much - but it was cold one night and her brother had flannel pjs that fitted him from last year, Miss K however seems to grow inches every year and hers were too small.

Did I have a pattern for flannel pjs - umm that would be a no.  Did I have enough flannel for them … again a no :(   I did however happen to have a car at my disposal, so I made the run to Spotlight, because well its the only place near me that might have the requisite requirements.

Hmmmm, well it appeared that Kwik Sew were on special 2 for $10 - so excellent there, also scored a knit top pattern for moi.   The pjs pattern is Kwik Sew K3604 - size from xs (4-5) to XL (12-14) so I should get a few more years from it yet … whats the bet she doesn't want pjs next year lol!!

Fabric - Hello Kitty it was - the other flannel available at Spotlight was less than inspiring and not nearly as good a quality - luckily Hello Kitty was on sale.

So for a grand total of $31 for fabric and $4.50 for the pattern (you get an extra discount if you are a VIP)  we have a swish pair of pjs.

Now how did the Kwik Sew pattern go together - like a dream as always, I've never ever had a problem with a Kwik Sew pattern, they fit true to size, excellent instructions - I do not however think much of the downgrade of the paper for the pattern sheets :(  But I traced out the size 7/8 for the miss.  This required 2.65m of fabric.

Yes I know it would have been cheaper to buy a pair but

a) they wouldn't be as cute - and Hello Kitty bought pjs would probably have cost more
b) they wouldn't be pattern matched
c) and K asked me to make some.

Back to the pattern - it only has a 1/4 inch seam allowance which was a bit of a pita as my overlocker seams a smudge wider.  So I sewed on the machine and then on the overlocker with a 3 thread stitch.  Everything went together well, though as I didn't have K home and guessed, I probably should have gone with a longer rise on the pants, as they sit more on her hips than waist, everywhere else is a pretty good fit.  She is tall but very slender.

I managed to fussy cut the pocket pretty well - Hello Kitty checks were off grain.  Managed to match the centre front and again match Kitty and by happy accident seems that Kitty matched on the back leg.

Pattern took about 2 hours from tracing to finishing, and that was with the pattern matching and being interrupted by Cherub's.  So a relatively quick sew.

All in all a great pattern and a great price.  I was chasing a Butterick dress pattern but at OUCH $21 I put it back.  I'll wait till I see them on sale.

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