Sunday, February 28

Miss Fox by One Puddle Lane

I again had the pleasure of testing a pattern from Ann at One Puddle Lane.  I probably am totally biased when it comes to Ann's patterns, as I love all of them.   The best bit - Ann has awesome after sales service and a FB group - so if you are stuck and need help with your toile, Ann or a plethora of other helpful ladies, can assist with getting your toile, just spot on and made to measure just for you.

The Miss Fox dress, comes with several different necklines, v-neck (my neckline of choice), scoop and boat neck.  The back is the same.  It comes with several different sleeves - sleeveless, cap (extended) or short.   The skirt is a 1/2 circle skirt and you can choose pockets or not.  Or you can purchase the add on Miss Fox Skirt which you can use by itself or use the pleated version on the Miss Skirt bodice.  (I've made the skirt up before see this post ) 

I am luckily blessed with nearly the perfect size for Ann's patterns it seems (though I'd like a smaller size lol) and therefore I had very little in the way of adjustments I had to make for the bodice.   Just a wee bit of a raise on the shoulders to make the cap/extended sleeve sit better and just a slight adjustment to the side seam, which was easier than the very tiny FBA I would have had to make.  

If you do alter the bodice, remember that you'll have to alter the skirt to fit.   I very nearly forgot and that would have been a disaster lol … okay not quite but it would have been a bit of a pita.

Now I purchased my fabric from Spotlight as I didn't have any that was wide in stash … I know who have thunk.  I wasn't quite sure what I'd need so I bought 3m for just in case.  As it turned out, I can fit the size 16 skirt on the 127cm wide stretch sateen, so I have enough fabric left over for a skirt by itself I think.  So if you are a standard 16 or under, you might just want to check on how much you'll need in the 127cm wide, if you don't want spare fabric - okay who am I kidding, spare fabric is always a good thing!

I fully lined my bodice, because to my mind, it's much easier to fully line a bodice.   

The instructions to put the dress together are good, there are notes on what to interface, where to overlock, how to put in an invisible zip - I promise they aren't that scary - in fact probably easier to put in than a standard zip.

What would I change for next time.  I'd probably like the skirt a smidge longer, I'd ditch the pockets, but then I'm not a pocket fan - unlike my sister and daughters, who adore them, but they all work with children, so it's probably easier to stuff your pockets.   I'd also probably bring the shoulders in a bit for me. 

Other than that, I've worn it, I was happy with how it wore for the day and it was a stinking hot day and its a pretty dress, to dress up or down.   

I have another slated to be made, but with a sleeve, so I need to do my toile first.  And this is VERY IMPORTANT - please, please, please make sure you do a toile of the bodice at the very least.  To get a good fitting ladies garment in a woven, you really need to do one.

As you know I'm not really the best at the photos of me, but anyways I do try.   I'm going to try harder, but it's not really something that I enjoy lol!   Back in a week or so, with pics of  the sleeved version.

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