Sunday, January 17

Work Wardrobe Part 3

Nearly done on the working wardrobe for Sarah.

Today's efforts are New Look K6261

Made from a Michael Miller Print sourced from East Coast Fabrics at Springwood.  Unlined, but faced.  Invisible Zip.

Well this one was not a love match.   We had a few issues.  Despite the pattern saying you could choose whatever size you needed - Sarah's waist is small compared to bust and hip and although we did grade between the bust, waist and hip - we still had some issues.

The bust darts were in a totally weird position - nearly to her waist, which is crazy, so they had to be unpicked and moved.   We had to take the bust in by 1.5cm each side and grade to her waist.  I also chopped off 1.5cm from the shoulder.

In hindsight, I probably should have cut a size 10 in the shoulder bust and done a FBA or similar, but I didn't want to mess with things too much due to the print.  Upside however if I have a fair bit of this print left ... thinking NCW???

So it's not perfect, the print works super well on the front, but i'm a tad off in the back - with slightly more black on one side than the other.    We won't make this pattern again, though I'd like to find one similar, or perhaps when I have ALOT more time, redraft this one to suit by doing a proper muslin, however time was against us this time.

Sarah does love it and is happy to wear it and well if you aren't a sewer you won't see the errors .... right?

Miss Fox Skirt from One Puddle Lane

Size 6 with wide waistband, belt loops and pockets.  Invisible Zip and fabric also from East Coast Fabrics at Springwood.  Two snaps on the back skirt closure.

I fully lined this skirt, as I felt the quilting weight cotton was a wee bit too light.   So I just made a lining of poly/cotton from stash, took up some of the length, as I dislike petties hanging out and hand stitched around the zip.

Other than that, absolutely no changes and fit like a glove.  Sarah's waist is spot on the size 6, so i had no alterations at all!!!

Pardon the photos, 99% of her worldly goods are currently on their way northward packed in a truck, so we had limited supplies of tees/tops to take a pic with.  Still deciding on sash or belt, but again, theses are all packed away - I reckon you can get away without either, discounting the upside down alphabet on the waist .. doh!

And yes ALPHABET fabric on the skirt woo hoo!!!!


  1. That skirt is gorgeous :) I keep seeing this pattern, might have to try it!

  2. Thanks Nyssa, it's a gorgeous skirt, I've got to make me one I think.

  3. Love the skirt and the dress. They both look fantastic. Good luck with her teaching position. How exciting. I'm a Central Queensland Girl.

    1. Thanks Kylie, hubby was born in Rocky and my family is still there, so we are from the general area as well - just a bit far for mama now lol!!