Thursday, May 5

Captain American

I've had a few rough weeks and I needed a pick me up, so Captain America to the rescue, along with some glitter vinyl (on sale at Spotlight $12 pm) and some fabric.  Hardware from Handbag Hardware.

Of course pattern is Pearl from Swoon Patterns.  I've only used one of the Swoon Patterns before the Camille Camerabag.   But as with all her patterns, the instructions/illustrations are great.   Its set out very carefully.

I did make an oops when I was sewing as I wasn't reading/looking right and had some wee unpicking.  You do need to read and I'm more a visual learner, so I've made some notes on the pattern.  

There is a video available here - and its probably not a bad think to watch if you are a visual learner.  

I used 100% cotton that I've had for awhile, pretty sure it came from Spotlight too.   I did interface all the pieces and I used quite stiff peltex which did make it a bit of a bear to turn through, but I think in the end it gave it a nice crisp look, which is what I wanted, I don't like floppy wallets.  I ended up not using the stabiliser all the way for the tab, cause well trying to turn it through was pretty much impossible, but my first experience with glitter vinyl was pretty okay, my machine stitched it well, I did use a teflon foot. 

Its not an onerous sew at all, and at the end I thought I had a lot father to go than I did and it was quick lickedly split to finish it.   So I'm pretty chuffed with the end result.

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