Monday, July 18

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The littlest cherub turned 10 and as we only do a party every 2 years, this time it was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Alice Headbands - fabric from Spotlight - I made a t-shirt too - sorry no pics, but it doesn't have much stretch to it -and whilst super cute, I wouldn't make anything precious with it.

Mr Cherub being put to work smoothing out the black icing for the Blackboard Cookies - this were a huge hit - we used Candy Melts with sparkles.  My tip use a bigger straw - aka like a thick shake straw.  And there were lots of kids with black teeth and tongues.   I used this recipe as the base and no they didn't spread and I didn't need to chill.  I did need to add a touch of water to make the dough come together.  I also added a drop of Fairy Floss Flavouring as I've heard black can make the icing bitter.

Katherine as Alice the Birthday Girl thanks so much to Maz for sending us the black and white striped stockings 

Cake was red velvet from Layered by Tessa Huff - its a delicious moist, good base for decorating cake.  I miffed it a bit by putting it in too big a tin :( so I had to make two batches.

Fondant came already purple from Lollipop Cake Supplies - the girls in the store are happy cheery and helpful and the store is a wonderland of treats.  

The lollypops and such are from CandyTime at Chermside  mostly.

Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat - Big Tip make sure the kids can't see UNDER the blindfold.  And move the grins after each guess.  Kids are pretty smart.

Flower cupcakes - minature cupcakes, my stock standard vanilla recipe.  Buttercream frosting and a Russian Tip - thanks to my Gazillion Friends, who have been there for the last few weeks, as things were a bit tough :)  Next time I'll make the frosting a bit firmer, they collapsed a bit.

Edible Garden.  Mushrooms are meringues with marshmallow bottoms glued together with white chocolate.  Green tinted coconut.

Mr Cherub - who loves dressing up - Shirt from Lifeline.  Hat from Spotlight, decorated from Minky Stash - Wig Reject Shop.  Tie from from Stash. 

Alice and the Mad Hatter

We ran out of time for the Muscial Hatters, but it was a blast.

Teapot Cookies - Recipe as above.  Used Lighthouse Biscuit Flour, and it made them delicious.

That way? Or this way?

White Queen with a flamingo croquet mallet.

William with his blackboard cookie.  He couldn't decide what to write, so his chalk started melting.  His most favourite teacher to the rescue and she wrote 'William the Procrastinator' - and that's pretty much spot on :) 

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  1. Wow!! I am in love with this amazing hatter’s tea party. Really adore the delicious cake. Its top décor is simply incredible. Want to have something similar to your party for my niece’s birthday party at one of New York venues. She will surely love it.