Thursday, January 19

Bella Sunshine Designs - Alice Dress

I've been testing a few more patterns lately and this was the latest test.  

Alice is a vintage inspired dress featuring a peter pan collar with or without a bound edge, inverted pleats, cap sleeve, optional belt and the dress is fully lined.   There is an invisible zip to close the back.

My daughter is tall and slender and following the measurement chart I ended up with an 8 width and an 11 length.

I for the first time used the layers function - for me I mostly sew to sell, so I rarely use this function as I print and trace out the size I need.  As I was testing I used the layer function to print the size 8 and the size 11 and then I blended the sizes to ensure the correct fit - there are instructions in the pattern on how to blend the sizes, but there is also a video here.  It worked really well and I didn't have to tweak the pattern at all to fit my DD

The bodice has two options for the collar, one plain and one with a bound edge.  It is cute, for me personally I would probably go with a narrower binding in the next version, or even pipe it as that's the look I prefer.  You can find instructions on the binding here .

The skirt has inverted pleats, which sit really nicely and make it a bit more suitable for older girls, plus it has the added bonus of pockets!!  Are you reading this sis?  My sister adores pockets, wants them in everything, but I dislike them, so I generally leave them off.  

The skirt is fully lined, the skirt lining is an aline rather than a pleated version, this does not add bulk to the waist seam.  If you were short on time or fabric, you could easily ditch the skirt lining. 

I found it lovely to test for Melissa, she was open to suggestions and took them on board, she listened to all her testers and found that great balance between her vision and the finished product.   I don't think you are ever going to find a test that is 100% perfect in all the ways you want as everyone wants  something different but I was pretty happy with this one and the only thing I'd change is the collar, so I think that's pretty great. 

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