Thursday, July 31

Some Baked goodness

In the search for a whiter buttercream - the wonderful ladies on Baked from Scratch flickr group - suggested Swiss Meringue Buttercream - I wanted to make a nice pink icing. So here's the result. Now I'm still deciding if I like it better than standard buttercream - but Shane loves it - it's smooth and silky and creamy - but a bit buttery for my taste I think. It was relatively easy to make though.

The swirls aren't the best as I had helpers in the form of my 4yo DS and 2 yo DD lol!!

So it's chocolate cupcake with pink/white Swiss meringue buttercream.

These ones are orange cupcake with orange buttercream


  1. Right - SO NOT FAIR!!!! Insert 3 yr old tanty here.

    I am coming for a visit. And you'll have to show me how to make such stunning icings, cause mine all SUCK!

  2. Love the cupcake wrapper...too cute!

  3. i love ur butterfly decoration sugar~!i don hav in malaysia,we only hav in heart shape,flower,leaf,and small sugal ball,like u put on ur cupcakes,but urs more nicer...u r lucky!