Tuesday, November 18

We have power !!!

Again, you just don't realise how much you use it till it's not there :( We lost power in the massive storm that hit NorthWest Brisbane on Sunday Night. We only got it back on this morning, and we still have some cleaning up to do yet.

The storm was ferocious and scary. It went from just overcast and spitting, to a full on storm, with wind, hail, buckets of rain - so much you couldn't see a foot in front of you. The rain was horizontal and the wind vicious.

We lost the tree in our front yard and the other one is pretty much denuded. The one that came down, pulled our powerlines down and completely out of the house. So whilst our neighbours had power last night, we only got our back this morning, as they had to re join us up. The sparky came yesterday to reinstall our point of attachment and to make sure our cable hadn't snapped inside the house - which would have been major work. We've had this happen to us before when William was about 4mths old when massive trees down the street toppled and pulled the power lines down and snapped power poles in two. But we now don't have trees in the front yard, or won't shortly when the remainder of the tree standing is cut down.

Our hearts go out to all those who have so much damage and that we don't cop another massive storm this week, so that things can start to be cleaned up. The streets on the way from our house to the Gap are just stripped bare and it all looks so odd.

Anyways here are some photos of our street. We had about a foot and half of water over the road as well, but that's on video. We were too busy mopping up the water that came under the house to worry about taking more photos.

We still have some cleaning up to do here as well so orders, etcs will be slow in coming. I'll try and keep those waiting updated at all times but please bear with us until we can catch up and get stuff out to you.

Nappy Hunt Prizes *fingers crossed* will go out in the next couple of days, until today lots of the local stores were still closed either from lack of power, or in clean up mode. You will be emailed when they have been sent.

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