Friday, May 7

If I'm cranky

then I bake. Do you have weeks where just everything rubs you the wrong way? When things just don't go according to plan. When other people are just rude? Well I've had one of those weeks sigh!! Perhaps I'm tired, perhaps I'm sore - actually I'm both and maybe that's what's making me cranky, but anyways the baking bug bites, I don't even have to cook stuff I like, but I find myself HAVING to bake. So yesterday when I was particuarly cranky I decided I HAD to make these biscuits.

Peanut Butter and Choc Chip - both of which are fine by themselves, but I don't particularly like at all lol!! But the others in the family do - so a goodly portion were scoffed by the small children and teenagers boyfriend after dinner, no ice-cream as they had an icypole after school, so the bikkies had to suffice. The recipe is from the latest issue of Family Circle, not a magazine I usually buy but the chocolate tart on the front called Shane's name in the grocery line and then I had to look at the recipes didn't I - dumb move, but anyways some awesome recipes are in the book.

These were alot stiffer than I thought they would be given the mix, so they didn't flatten like my normal choc chip bikkies do, so the first lot ended up looking like these.

When really they look better I think looking like this.

They are also suppose to have melted chocolate drizzled, but it seems that someone has eaten the cooking chocolate :( So no drizzle.

But these bikkies - Butterscotch -they are yummy and very moreish. Again from Family Circle, but try as I might I couldn't track down Green and Blacks Butterscotch Chocolate as the recipe stipulated, so a girls got to do what a girls got to do and I HAD to substitute Toblerone, oops! But OH MY, they are delicious. Mind you they are better still warm from the over, but next day they aren't that bad either. I didn't follow the instructions to the letter - heaven's above when do I ever, and I didn't put them in the fridge till cold. I just used my trusty mini-icecream scoop and rolled them into the caster sugar and hey presto - divine yumminess.


  1. I'll swap ya Lesley... I clean when I'm angry or unhappy... I'll come to yours and clean, you can come to mine and bake... *wink* just kidding...

    sending a hug and a 'no more people being nasty to Lesley' week ahead

  2. Oh I'll swap you any day - I HATE cleaning lol!!

    Thank you for the hug and hugs right back. I just wish people would take pride in their work and do the job they are paid for lol!!

  3. i hope biscuit baking was the right therapy for you and you're feeling much better.