Wednesday, May 12

The littliest Cherub

is growing up - she'll be 4 this July, where the heck did that go - can you remember when she looked like this? In a longie/skort from Ali aka Bumnround

Well now she looks like this and she's being supremely cheeky - I've had this Tikki Rainbow Dress made for nearly 2 weeks but until today she refused to put it on - as I was making it she was - is it finished, is that mine, is it done. Then it was done and she didn't want to put it on lol!! But she did today - I think Daddy might have had something to do with that. I find so little time to make for my cherubs at the moment, so knitting - and I'm only a beginner, I think this makes project no. 5 - I can do at night (when I can't see to sew) and I'm home alone with the littlies. William has reqested a vest, so after I finish what I'm working on now, shhhh! I can't tell you what it is, the mama might be listening :) He's next in the queue.

Anyways back to Rainbow Dress - the colours are just divine and I'm obviously a slack knitter but I think it might have come from Elissa and Kris. I used 200g of it eek! Cause the last Rainbow I made was too short, and the plain purple is from Tangled Yarns. Sacrilage that I don't knit a test square, oops, but if I did that, nothing would get made - Tikki is you are reading, just ignore that bit lol! Anyways I knitted up the size 3 with lots of added length, I basically just kept knitting till I ran out of wool.

So yes she's gone from super dark dead straight hair to very blonde and wavy, with some little curls and it's finally growing back after the mass haircut via her brother last year.


  1. The dress looks gorgeous. They grow so fast don't they

  2. Amazing! I love the colourway :) She really has grown up!

  3. She is just lovely!

    Love the dress, too.

  4. It looks fabulous! You did an awesome job and shhhhhhh I'm up to over 100projects in the last 2years and I think I've done 2 or 3 test "rectangles" (cause I'm too lazy to knit the whole square).

  5. it's gorgeous, Lesley as is Miss K!

    No swatch!!!!! tsk tsk tsk, you naughty girl I did read that!!!!