Friday, April 27

Do you have a gorgeous little one?

Of course you do - all babies are just gorgeous and cuddly and soft and delightful.

But we are looking for cover babes.

That's right we would love to see more beautiful babies in CK creations. Do you have one or two or more?

What we are looking for is a baby/babies in CK creations (can be clothes or nappies).

Other details are:

Photos must be landscape - you can see the new timeline requires that.
You must own the copyright of the photo and be happy to assign it to us for the duration.
Photos must be clear and crisp with no extraneous backgrounds, so as much as we all have them, no baskets of washing or the dog or piles of toys.
At this point please only send small resolution photos so as to not overload the inbox, but it would be best if you have a large resolution photo you can send through later as we require.
We anticipate at this stage to change the cover photo on a fortnightly basis but that will depend on photos that come in.
We have a particular look in mind, so please don't be offended if we don't choose you for our cover photo, we will contact all those that email and we would be delighted to pop them into an album for everyone to see.

So to recap please send your photos to
With Timeline Cover Photo in the subject
Please send small resolution photos
Make sure you own the copyright of the photo
And if you have bubs weight and age in the photo that would be awesome too.
Now what do you get in return. Our thank you and the opportunity to join our VIP customer group and/or discounts/free postage on your order.

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