Saturday, May 5

Cute as a button!

Well the birthday parties have started and I said at the start of the year that I would try very hard to make the presents for any parties that we went to.

So here is the first one for the year, a little friend of K's 5th birthday - well I think it's 5th, the cut off for ages does in my head now, everyone used to turn 5 in the same year, but not now, and I am easily confused.

Apparently it's a makeover party!!

Anyways I've been waiting impatiently patiently for these patterns to arrive, after stalking their release at Straight Stitch Society - I got several but you'll have to wait and see which others I got lol!

Feed the Animal Coin purses are just perfect for a wee gift, I think from start to finish it took about an hour, I just used stash - and I really should have put the brown eye on the yellow and the yellow on the white. But it went together well, the instructions are clear. I traced my pattern pieces onto template plastic and traced around them, it worked really well. I have pellon here - non-fusible but I got out my trusty can of 505 and make it sticky on one side. I cheated in that the appliqu├ęs are done by machine, but I figure much sturdier for a wee child. The purse is fully lined, with a couple of inches of hand sewing, other than that, it's quick and easy (bar the turning the dogs ears the right way round, there was a wee bit of frustration, I have large hands)

When I make it again I'm going to add a wrist strap, so wee little girls can take them shopping. I can see a whole slew of these being made ready for parties and gifts. There is a monkey and a cat as well, and in different colours, you could keep little girls in purses like forever .....

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  1. very cute Lesley! Lucky little Miss Recipient eh!

    :) Looking forward to seeing the next creation :)