Monday, May 14

May Gossamer Dreams

Wow the month is just flying by I guess because we had the surprise Mother's Day Stocking, I sorta forgot we have a regular stocking on the 15th.

This month stocking is


My take on unity is all about collaboration and fun, so I've collaborated with

Alison From ARF Craft
Tracy from Fairy Fabrics
Margo from The Climbing Tree
Sara from Willow and Moo

All the outfits/nappies are truly amazing and here are some little peeks just for you!

With Margo from The Climbing Tree

With Sara from Willow and Moo

With Alison from ARF Craft

With Tracy from Fairy Fabrics

And can you see the something new added to the Rainbow Dream Nappy?? 
That's right some gorgeous tie dyed snaps, brand new and awesome.
Thanks to the wonderful Julie for dyeing them, and wait till you see what else she's up to.

And don't forget to stop by the blog tomorrow, I'm having a giveaway for reaching 1000 likers, thank you to my new English likers!!

And it will be a FABULOUS giveaway.

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