Tuesday, May 15

This mama and something special ......

This mama loves colour and I love making goodies for her little cherub, and this is some of her gorgeous creations I've made recently.

Love and Peace with hand dyed detailing and hand embroidery on the love!

Hand dyed in Orange, Yellow and Pink Fitted
sherpa inner and some matching wipes

Hand dyed Rainbow Knit dress and AI2 hand dyed nappy

And now what you've been waiting for .......

A giveaway.

This is a thank you to all my wonderful customers, those that have supported me since I started way back when before Katherine and when William was a wee tacker and those wonderful new likers, who have zoomed me past the 1000 and hopefully on to a few thousand more.  To those that always have lovely comments.  To those that always support me and hold me up and see me through the happy and rough times.   Its because of you that I do what I do - create gorgeous, individual, wonderful creations for YOUR wonderful creations, small and not so small.

This giveaway consists on ONE custom item, so nappy, outfit, bag whatever I create, to the value of up to $80.  You will need to pay postage for this item and I'm happy to send Worldwide (except Canada and USA, sorry my insurance won't' allow me too :( )  Postage in Australia is $7.50, and AP cost to other places.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery to make magic!

So you can order something for you, your bubba, your best mate, whomever you like.   Now how can you win - this is not a game of chance, but a game of skill.  Wow me with your creation, tell me what you love and what you'd love and I will have my gorgeous family pick the one that wow's them the most.  If there are more than one I absolutely have to make, I'll draw a name in a hat, and the other entries will have the opportunity to have their items made as well.  I love to share the love.  

Please comment below you will need to log in to comment and comments are moderated, so sometimes take a wee while to appear.  

Winning entry will be drawn at 9am Wednesday the 23rd May, and announced on the blog - it is YOUR responsibility to check to see if you have won and contact me , if I don't have contact made within 3 days, I will redraw.


  1. May there be many more years of CK love to come :D

  2. Congratulations on a great milestone, alot of beautiful creations and hard work, well done guys, here's to many more milestones and gorgeous CK love

  3. Way to go Lesley, congratulations! I'd love to win a custom for my newest baby girl x

  4. I love everything you do, you are a true artisan.

  5. Oh and the comp, I'd love to enter. I would love an outfit or a shirt and nappy for my little man. I was thinking of your beautiful applique. I'd love a large appliqued A and another H with the following sentences after each... A is for Asher, H is for Happy with maybe some little bees buzzing about, My little man is the happiest boy I've ever met and his name means Happy so it would be very personal and perfect for his birthday :)

  6. I would love to enter. I would say an Olympic design. Seeings my baby boys daddy is from England. So the Olympics rings. With an Aussie flag and an England flag.

  7. Ilove your beautiful nappies!

    here is my entry,

    I would love a sunset nappy,
    the nappy split into minky panels with the top panel on the back being citrus gelato (as the sky), the bottom half of the back being the dark blue gelato minky (as the ocean), and the same on the front.
    On the back i would like a setting sun appliqued onto the citrus gelato minky.
    on the front, two dolphins jumping into the air, but them only being plain color with no detail, as the sun has set :)

    this nappy idea reflects the beautiful sunsets we get have over the ocean in my hometown margaret river
    hope you like my idea :)

  8. As you know I love coming up with stuff for you to create, so here's another one ;)

    I'd love an outfit for Miss J - top and pants. Pants made from something soft and floppy like bamboo with something simple yet funky like rainbow stitch detail.

    Long sleeved top with applique of a house and a smiley sun, and the words "Born at Home" appliqued, stitched or embroidered on in some form.

    Congrats on 1000 likers! :)

  9. Ive always loved your gorgeous creations and the fact your one of the loveliest people I know, anything from your heart is bound to be wonderful.

    I dont have a bubba yet (only miss matilda) but we are trying and I was thinking I would love a set with the Autism symbol on it (being Matilda is autistic). The 4 coloured puzzle pieces. Maybe like 4 gorgeous coloured minky sewn together in puzzle shapes and then made into a nappy. (you can google the puzzle piece symbol) . I think it would be lovely to have a piece of who Matilda is on her little brother/sister

  10. You are so generous Lesley! Congratulations on the milestone, you deserve it :)

    I would love a special nappy to celebrate my little one's namesake. Harriet's middle name is Iris after my most wonderful and loved 86 year old grandmother, who despite her age is still going strong <3. I would love a nappy in purple or lavender minky (my grandmother's favourite colour) with uber ruffles that hand been hand dyed in the rainbow of colours that appear in Monet's "The Iris Garden" (which can be seen here http://www.scenicreflections.com/download/260289/Claude_Monet_The_Iris_Garden_at_Giverny_Wallpaper/ ) The front would have a rouched rainbow front pannel. A hand cut an appliqued Iris flower would also be applied to the front. An Iris nappy like this would mean so much to me as it would always remind me of my special grandmother.

  11. You know what a fan I am of your work Miss Lesley. I would LOVE one of your creations with a star wars theme, in honour of my little man who (at 18 months) could, and still can sing the theme! With a blue and green lightsaber crossed with the words 'Padawan Learner' underneath.

  12. Congratulations and what an exciting competition!

    When I was a little girl my favourite books were the Magic Faraway tree books and I am so looking forward to reading them to my kids when they are a little older. I have twin girls and I think magic faraway tree themed nappies for them would be SO cute :P There are so many characters and lands in that story so you could really choose from so many things for example silky the fairy or moonface sitting in the tree or one of the characters sliding out from the bottom of the tree or climbing up the ladder at the top or in one of the lands. of course if this isn't possible a dr who themed hoodie and pant set would be very cool for my almost 3 yr old boy. am loving all of your creations and always look forward to seeing what you make next :)

  13. As the National Year of Reading I would love either a bookshelf or a design of our state library or the New York State Library.

    “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

    - Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"

  14. Congrats Lesley! You know I think everything you make is amazing.

    I love your creations but it saddens me they are on bubs for such a short time before they have to be washed. I would love for you to create a play mat with your amazing appliqué, frills and swirls on it. It could also double as a wall hanging when bubs has finished with it. I'm thinking a beautiful garden with flowers, trees and butterflies. I think it would be amazing and a wonderful family treasure.

  15. I would love a nappy for my little boy who is going to be born in august and I would love it to have a winter theme as he is born in winter (and it will also be his middle name )made with blue tie dyed minky or dot minky or something else like that and with a winter scene on it:)

  16. Hello would love one of your gorgeous tie dyed nappies with blue tie dyed and minky background or minky dot material and a winter scene as my son who is born in august middle name wil be winter and this would suit him well

  17. congrats on all your hard work and beautiful creations

    i would love to go in the draw for the new little lady we are bringing into our family!

  18. Congratulations!!! We love all our CK goodies!
    I would love to win a set for my little Eleanor with pants and a top or something warm and scrummy for winter :D x

  19. Oooh, I've been thinking about what to request here, since I saw you offer it :P What I'd really adore is a rainbow dress for Miss Lily, done in a similar style to the amazing rainbow redondo skirts that Willow and Moo do. In your gorgeous hand-dyes, of course ;) The princess has a 6th birthday coming up and would look smashing in such a dress!

  20. Ok I've had a think and I'm back :)

    I love LOVE LOVE all your creations.. But for something super special I'd love a CK outfit for Miss just turned 6 which combined her love and mine... Unicorns and Rainbows. I think it would look amazing and I think that you would be able to pull it off better than anyone else I know!!! <3

  21. I would like something that commemorates our wonderful ANZACs. Connor's middle names are Jack Edward for his two great grandfathers one of whom fought for our country in World War One and was nominated for a Victoria Cross for bravery on the field but due to the political climate of the time (his father was a German immigrant and was in an Australian Interment camp during WW1 whilst his son was fightin for this country) it was declined. So I would ike either a nappy or an outfit to somehow commemorate his valour.

  22. Congratulations on the big 1000!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE smocking, and a size 1 auriel with a front smocked panel instead of rushing would be just gorgeous with little roses all over it - I think the shell would have to have no absorbant fabric in it so it could be easily hand washed and it would dry quickly on a clothes rack inside the house!

  23. Congratulations on 1000 likers.
    I have admired from afar your gorgeous nappies, clothing and other hand made goodies.
    I would love love love a night nappy for my son, I have tried so many night nappies with no success, my son can unfortunately "out wee" even disposables at night.
    So what I would love is something, durable and absorbent, but not too bulky on my wee little man. Colourings black, purple, aqua and if embroidery is permitted... dragons... we love dragons! A big ask I know!

  24. Congratulations on the big 1000! I love your work and would love another of your nappies! I'm obsessed with rainbow tie-dyes and would love a nappy for my daughter that shows her Indian heritage (she's half Indian/half Aussie). I was thinking of rainbow ruffles at the back, each layer tie-dyed a different colour, going from fuchsia to orange then to marigold yellow (colours from our wedding). A fuchsia/pink coloured satin ribbon across the top with hand dyed pom-poms under it (above the ruffles) going in shades of orange to yellow. The minky or bamboo velour would be either spliced going from fuchsia tie-dyed from under the ruffles to marigold yellow to the top of the front panel or a tie-dye of all the colours. The front would have my daughter Anika's name appliqued using fuchsia/pinky shades of tie-dyed fabric and rainbow embroidery thread. Her name would be in Hindi script (or Malayalam if I can find out how it is done, but I know how it is in Hindi - quite simple - I can send you a picture or link of it). Then it would have a paisley motif off to the right of her name in rainbow embroidery. This is my dream nappy!

  25. wooohoooo 1000! Go you good thing! I've been dreaming of that little owl bag you made for the mothers day GD stocking. But i would love one made a bit larger with a pocket or compartment inside so i can have a funky "quick trip" baby bag. Just big enough to fit one change in as well as keys/wallet/phone. Owl made of bright colours on the contrasting navy. ahh one can dream <3 hehehe

  26. I admire your ruffle nappies, make me so jealous to every mum who has a daughter. But your boys nappies are gorgeous as well, ours is one of my favourite nappies. I don't like spiders but your Spider nappy from previous Gossamer Dreams stocking was so gorgeous, I want one for my son...
    And congrats on big 1000! Keep up the awesome creations!

  27. Congrats on your many milestones and here's to many, many more!! I've been trying to think of something different and I do always love your clothes, so was thinking along the lines of a hand dyed long sleeve shirt for #3 with a pair of overalls. Blues and greens in the dying would be fab and maybe matching appliques on the shirt front and the overalls of a fluffy white sheep :) Hope you lovely cherub family have fun choosing!!

  28. Congrats on reaching some wonderful milestones xx I have loved being your customer for the past 5 years :)