Sunday, July 15

Some gardening

Our garden has been very much neglected in recents months, very sad really, but it's time to get things sorted, so we've started clearing the front yard, it still has a massive pile of dirt, we are going to work every day this week to try and get things tidy for the smallest cherubs birthday party on the weekend.

The front yard is nice and flat now, well it will be when the huge pile of dirt is moved, and it gets full sun all day, so perfect for flowers and veges, so we've planted some flowers today and interspersed are veges, the potatoes are already in full swing and growing well, but there are now beans, broccoli, beetroot as well, I need some tomato plants and peas to go in I think.

In the back yard we have 2 beds under revamp and one planted out with garlic, shallots and strawberries, some very naughty pussycats - Bella and Tiger are about the have their tails chopped off (well not really, but they keep digging up my strawberries grrr)  So next weekend, we'll head to Bunnings to get some netting to keep them off it.

The front yard the dirt pile is getting smaller, we have some new flowers and yes pretty twinkling fairy lights!

Potatoes, I think they are Nicola

Shallots and garlic with a good bug mix of flowers from Green Harvest

And Strawberries, there should be 8 but some have been eaten by the pussycats, sigh!


  1. Looking great! Would love to catch up with you guys - has been embarrassingly too long between cups of tea. Hugs Kat

  2. Looking great! Been too long in between drinks, Fletcher's! Hope to see you soon. Hugs, kat xx