Monday, June 4

Norma Jean Juniors

Well what can I say …. the tween adores these undies.

I made several pairs, sticking with the wide bands primarily as that's what she likes, but I've also given the picot ones a whirl - no pics of those today as she is wearing them. 

Can I say anything bad about - nope, nope, nope. 

Went by measurements, perfectly spot on no adjustments required.
Do they cover the booty - absolutely
Are they comfy - heck yes and child has requested all the pairs - could be cause she has been hanging on to the previous undies that were made by The Climbing Tree which she adores, but are probably now two sizes too small but she wouldn't give them up.  Mama has now been instructed that they are probably too small.
And they have cats, so enough said really.

Small amounts of fabric are required really and you could use your scraps up.   Don't have elastic, just go the wide bands.  Want them for swimmer bottoms - go the narrow bands version and pop in elastic.   Want to send yourself a bit crazy - use FOE …. just joking, but its not my jam for sure. I like the bands.   Want them a bit special - use the picot elastic - you can get awesome soft stuff from Zebra Fabrics 

Now that I can see how much she adores them - I really should get the mama version and make myself some undies too.

I made 3 pairs I think - they are super fast to make, I didn't have any lighter weight cotton lycra but I will grab some from Zebra for the gusset lining, but its not super necessary.   

There will be lots more sets in our future I can see that.   Now I just have to keep bugging Lauren from Sew By Pattern Pieces, that a crop top would be a perfect addition.

Now where can you find them - and whilst you are there grab the Mama version, cause everyone needs pretty knickers.

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